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Aluminum Base Shoe systems

PVA Canada offering aluminum base shoe system is designed for heavy duty applications ,easy and quick installation. All aluminum profiles  already pre-drilled for using countersunk lag bolts or screws. For glass lock you just need to use allen key.    

Brand: PVA Canada Enterprises Inc Model: TK-AS001-EC-SSS
Stainless steel end cup for aluminum base shoe glass railing system..
Brand: PVA Canada Enterprises Inc Model: TK-AF1-PL
Glass holder and lock system fro aluminum base shoe. Easy locking by using just allen key...
Brand: PVA Canada Enterprises Inc Model: TK-AS001-3M-SSS
Aluminum base shoe system for frameless glass railing installation . Pre-drilled every 9 3/4 inch.  10ft long each section. Price is for set including glass locks, gaskets, brushed or chrome stainless steel cladding on both sides...
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