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About Us

Since 2012, PVA Canada has been a manufacturer and wholesale distributor for high quality products and hardware for railings, frameless shower hardware, glazing glass fittings, industrial hardware, architectural hardware, windscreens, standoffs, spigots and glass partitions.

Our record of customer satisfaction extends over a 7-year period with repeat specification from architects, interior designers, home builders and metalworkers, forming the major part of our business.

With an extensive list of over 2,000 products to offer, here at PVA Canada we can proudly claim to be one of the best wholesalers of architectural metalwork components, fittings and hardware.

Our services:

Custom system fabrication and design

Free technical assistance and design consultation

Shop drawings

Fast customization


Fabrication drawings

Architectural services

Project management

System specifications

Glass fabrication and delivery

Worldwide distribution service

Our technical department is available to offer advice on matters such as building regulations, appropriate styles, sizes and finishes. We work alongside contractors, designers, architects, home builders or home owners in manufacturing custom projects and bringing them to life. For those seeking to install staircases, railings, glass partitions or showers we offer a supply only option but if needed we have an experienced team that is available for installation services.


We thank you for choosing our company for your project!

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